Proprietary data and analytics

We provide second-to-none decision support tools you won’t find anywhere else.

Proprietary Data and Analytics

Our proprietary data are strongly correlated with and predictive of changes in housing values.

City Financials, County Financials, State Financials, Agency Financials, Regulated Monopoly Financials, Demographics, Housing, Migration, Taxation, Public Safety, Schools, Water, Sewer, Solid Waste, Compensation, Retirement.
And more.

Data in one place

All states, thousands of cities, counties and agencies.
All in one place.
Standardized. Understandable. Comprehensive.

Decision Support

For institutional real estate investors

Buy, Sell, Hold.

Where are taxes likely to rise?
Where are housing values most likely to soften?
Pality’s data and analytics can assist.

For better governance

Your own data and that of your peers. Fully benchmarked, fully analyzed, ready to consume. Simple.

Pality's Methodology


We validate, transform and standardize millions of data points

You see a unified structure of a city’s, county’s, state’s financial condition and essential services profile, including overlapping taxes and fees. We cover debt, retirement and other obligations, quality of essential services and costs of private monopoly services, all from the perspective of the taxpayer and property owner.

Public finance is more than the general fund. While the general fund is an important source of liquidity, it does not reflect the financial strength of the public entity.

Pality's Goal

Our goal

We bring transparency to the true all-in cost of essential services, now and in the future, and to the relationship between costs and the relative value of the property’s location.